Privacy policy - Post-Shift

Information that is stored for years on your traditional e-mail can be hacked, lost due to failures in services, in the end, you will always be able to steal it, which is not very nice, even if nothing important was stored there. And if it was, what will you do?

Using temporary mail allows you to fully protect yourself from the loss of personal information. Your data: information about your person and the users with whom you communicate, ip address, postal address, are completely confidential.

The service Post-Shift does not store your ip address, so you are protected from any unauthorized activities that endanger your information. All emails and data temporarily stored on the service are permanently deleted after 10 minutes. You can delete the mailbox yourself at any time.

Your privacy is one of our highest priorities. So do not worry about your data, we will provide them with full protection. Access to the data will be granted only to you, and then, for the duration of the mailbox.

We care about our users, even if they are temporary :)


The administration of this site may make changes to this privacy policy.

Recent change: 06.03.2017