Welcome to Post-Shift

This service allows you to use temporary email addresses.
Mailboxes are issued for 10 minutes. For example for registration on any forums/blogs, etc.

Work with the service is done through the API. Detailed instructions can be found on the API page.

Noticed bugs in the service, you can describe on page Feedback, we will fix and make the service better and more convenient.

By starting to use the service you agree that all responsibility for the use of the service you assume.

Service statistics:

Act. mailboxes 0
Used mailboxes 1 536 614
Rec. emails 701 540
Users 6 070

Updates / Fixes

  • Attention! An email confirmation system has been introduced. After registration, a link for account confirmation is sent to your email. You need to click on it to activate your account. If you registered before the introduction of this system, you can request a link to your email. Read more on the API page, paragraph 1.2. and 1.3.
  • From January 1, 2023, inactive accounts will not be able to use the main functions of the service.
  • Dear users! We inform you that you can now top up your account balance (purchase access to the service for your hash). You can do this on the Purchase page of calls to the service. Replenishment takes place automatically.
  • Global update! A user system has been introduced. now you need to register before using the service (get hash for some requests). Just removed the format of the responses, all responses are returned in JSON format. For more information, see the API page.
  • Added a new feature that will help you delete all active mailboxes at once. Deletion is performed using Your current IP address. if you use a proxy server, this function will not be available to you. To use this function, use &action=deleteall, instead of the usual delete, and there is no need to pass keys to mailboxes.
  • Multilanguage has been added to the site! The language switch is in the upper right corner. Currently, 2 languages are available: Russian and English, but soon about 11 new languages will be added.
  • We are glad to inform you that today there have been global improvements in the service. If suddenly you notice any errors in the service, or you have comments or suggestions, please let us know about them through the Feedback form.
  • Dear users! Please note that now the list of ID letters (in the request getlist) may not be in order, and not necessarily starting from 1. Be sure to use only those IDs returned when requesting getlist to receive emails!
23.03.2017 23.03.2017
  • Added a new parameter &forced=1, which will help you get an email that is not returned when using the getmail function (if you see the error "Letter not found.", but in the request getlist it is present). Using this parameter, the message is returned in the form in which it comes to the server! This option is only available when using the getmail function.
  • Added a new parameter &base64=decode, which will help you decode the letter if it came in the form of "ZXhhbXBsZQ==". This option is only available when using the getmail function.
  • Added the ability to choose a domain for mail yourself. To select a domain, you need to pass an additional parameter &domain= with a value equal to the desired domain: "post-shift.ru" or "postshift.ru".
  • Added a bot in the Vkontakte community, with which You can perform all the functions of the service through community messages. Just send "!помощь" (without quotes) in community messages and you will get a list of commands that are available.
  • There is a limit on the number of mailboxes per person - 5 mailboxes per person at the same time.
  • Completely redesigned the results in JSON format. Now only valid JSON format is given, which can be parsed by standard libraries.
  • Once again we worked with non-displayed emails when using the getmail function, now everything is OK. Also, a new parameter &cut=html became available, with the help of it You can cut all html tags from the email, except for links and get a text message. This option is only available when using the getmail function.
  • Removed all Cyrillic characters in API responses. Updated documentation.
  • The functions getlist and getmail have been rewritten, now there should be no problems with the appearance of themes and the body of letters, also now the subject of the letter is not cut.
  • A new type of data acquisition is now available for the getlist function. You can return the data as an array by specifying the optional &type=array parameter